" True Education is that which builds character, strengthens the mind, expands the intellect and helps one stand on one's own feet. Our duty is to strengthen the roots of children and help them take wing as resilient, resourceful individuals. " At the BIPS, we believe that children are as soft and malleable as clay in a potter's hands. And education is but a series of masterstrokes that go on to build a well-rounded character. Our methodology of imparting education therefore revolves around a complete curriculum and approach for shaping the body, mind and soul. The BIPS has been built on the sound edifice of traditional wisdom and futuristic thought. We believe that in the highly competitive world of the 21st century, it is as essential to develop cutting edge knowledge as it is to imbue traditional values. It is these guiding principles that have been instrumental in developing the education and training model of the schooL Spread over a large, pollution-free area, the school campus is fully Fernished.